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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.




We believe through art and music, our world will be closer together and fill with joy and happiness!

Wether you already play an instrument or not, we welcome you! Sing out aloud and brace it with proud!

Play music, not exercising music - this is our toy! it is part of us, who we are, and how we express ourselves!


      We believe that art and music should be enjoyed by all ages - it is never "too late" to start. Through the combination of traditional pedagogical approaches and alternative techniques and methods, we are able to bring our students a more well rounded experience, where our students will not only be able to play their instrument, but also be able to express themselves through it. 

      Our approaches are multi-dimensional, meaning we don't just stick to the books - we expose a variety of range of music and art styles to our student, so they have the opportunity to learn, and enjoy them, as well as early introduction to voice and ear training-like approaches, our student will not only be able to play, but actually understand the meaning behind the music they are making.


Learn at your own pace


Individualised learning experience and goal!

Work with pear


Boosts engagement and more fun playing with others!

Sing out loud


We encourage our students to not only play their instrument, but also enjoy it!

Mid year / Christmas concerts


We not only provide tutors, but also encourage our students to perform and take the stage!

Free trial lesson

Not sure about learning an instrument? Here's your chance to try it out!

Variety in selections

We provide both common orchestral instruments and other, as well as a chance to wow your friends and families: Chinese instruments!