Zoe Li - Founder / Director

            "Art and Music is for everyone to enjoy" - this is the philosophy I've had since young. I had the privilege to be growing up in a family surrounded by arts, my family has been painting and teaching arts for generations, with this i naturally have the chance to observe up close at a young age, and until today I am still fascinated 

with the power of art and music: its ability to bring joy to people, without class, gender, race, and age.

       The aim of Cylica studio, is by combining 

traditional tuition institutions: what I've been a part of with my family institution, with different


pedagogical techniques and approaches learnt from aboard, methods such as Suzuki/Orff, and so on. I believe it is never "too late" to start learning art and music, as long as you enjoy it, because that is all it is about isn't it?

Jeff Lin - Manager

            "Music helped to to express, it made me understand myself better, it is my friend, it is myself"

             Growing up in a single parent family in Taiwan meaning i have a lot of time as a child, to be alone. Luckily, I was able to find my toy: music.

At a young age, starting with percussion band, recorders and violin, i have found that through music i was able to speak who I am, through music there are many connections and memories made, I feel very happy to have been able to do these, and I want to bring these joys to other people, to those 


of who may also enjoy the companion of music, whether playing, or listening.