Bo Yang

Bo Yang.png

        Bo Yang is a current PhD student in Victoria University of Wellington, the New Zealand School of Music. He had completed his master’s degree in the China Conservatory of Music and Bachelor in the Minzu University of China with the major of violin performance. 


        Bo Yang start his journey with violin since the age of 9 years old, from then on, he has been attending numerous of orchestras, ensembles, chamber music as well as solo performance. This allows Bo to understand music playing and performing from different areas, in addition to a 

boarder understanding of music making. His well-rounded knowledge of music theory and musicology also greatly enhances his ability to music making and teaching. 


        Bo has a teaching for six year, especially experienced in teaching with children. The feature of his teaching is combining music theory, singing, ear-training, and practice together, making the learning experience more interactive, interesting, and fun for all. In addition, he also enjoys the introduction of different music genera, such as Chinese folk music, Irish folk music, Asian music, and so on. The results are a well-knowledge student with good understanding not only in classical music playing but are a lot more versatile with strong foundation in the understanding of music, and its language.