Bonnie Schwarz

Bonnie Schwarz 01.JPG

        Bonnie Schwarz is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist from the UK with a holistic musical and theatrical background. She graduated from the University of Manchester with First Class in Music and Drama, receiving the Hargreaves Fund Prize, where based in Manchester, she worked as a freelance music artist: Composer, Singer-Cellist and Sound Designer. Her work includes productions and screenings at Battersea Arts Centre (London), Contact Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, HOME Cinema (Manchester).

        Bonnie is a passionate and creative Cello tutor with a flexible and accommodating approach to each student. She has extensive and varied teaching experiences from private lessons, residential music courses, to leading workshops in Prisons. 

        She is the singer-cellist of alt-folk duo 'Good Habits' and after joining Australian folk-rock band, The Wishing Well band on their European Tour as a cellist, she set out to tour across New Zealand with Good Habits, where they have then remained in New Zealand due to Covid-19.